Total Customer Service

Training Outcomes:

  • How to speak the language of Total Customer Service
  • How to make an impact with cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • What your customers really expect from you and the organization
  • The real ways customer loyalty is developed
  • How to restore and rebuild broken relationships
  • The team approach to company-wide customer service


Total Customer Service provides the opportunity to accurately gauge your staff’s current customer service capabilities. The training calculates exactly where you already meet and exceed your clients’ expectations—as well as those areas where your customers feel you fall short. Most importantly, this program shows your team how to transform “adequate” or even “good” service into a truly customer-focused program that richly rewards and fulfils all who come in contact with your organization.

Total Customer Service—delivered to you as on-site training, on your schedule and at the location of your choice—will help your employees understand and adopt the common qualities and practices shared by all first-rate customer service providers. The training demonstrates how your organization’s service strategies flow to—or away from—future success. This program will lead your organization to positive choices and behavioural changes that will make Total Customer Service a hallmark of your group or company.

Learning new skills, tactics and approaches through Total Customer Service’s extensive training is guaranteed to deliver group, personal and professional rewards in the form of satisfaction, fulfilment and financial profit.


Who will benefit from this training

Customer service providers who want to improve their skills in order to satisfy customers and maximize their long-term value


1.    The essential elements of Total Customer Service

2.    Uncover and translate the customer expectations present in every contact

3.    Speak the language of Total Customer Service

4.    Become a master communicator to achieve Total Customer Service

5.    Restore and rebuild broken relationships with Total Customer Service

6.    Care for yourself and you care for your customers

7.    Maximum impact through up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

8.    Achieve customer loyalty and repeat business through Total Customer Service

9.    The team approach to company-wide Total Customer Service