Time & Task Management

Effective time and task management isn’t about controlling time—because you really can’t. It’s about managing how you invest your time, about managing multiple priorities and tasks that compete for your time and about managing yourself out of unproductive habits that rob you of valuable time.

It’s only when you learn to manage these two things—your tasks and yourself—that you’ll work more efficiently and effectively and give yourself the time you need to pursue the activities you want to pursue—the activities that make your life more meaningful.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Schedule tasks in accordance with true priorities
  • Develop a personal time and task management system
  • Identify and eliminate procrastination, disorganization, interruptions, lack of communication
  • Identify a planning and scheduling tool to stay on track
  • Use technology to maximize efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recognize positive and negative stressors and how to control them


Session 1:Plan your work

Session 2:Work your plan
Session 3:Organization
Session 4:Stress Management 

Recommended for:   Everyone/All Levels
Course Duration:      Two days