Strategic Leadership

Programme Objectives:

  • Increase your ability to think strategically and adapt the holistic strategic cycle
  • Develop your strategic agility
  • Learn from business issues in organisations
  • Be inspired to think and act as a leader in your own context
  • Acquire the capacity to lead with confidence and authenticity
  • Augment your leadership impact
  • Ask big strategic questions that help your organization

Strategic leadership has become a vital criterion of the successful manager with a clear sense of purpose, vision and direction. Strategic leaders are always able to inspire and engage their teams. Organizations, governmental institutions, corporations, companies, and schools also need leaders who are able to step back from the time-consuming day-to-day operations to engage in the strategic thinking necessary for their organisation’s long-term existence and success.

An inspiring strategic leader needs to go beyond the simple understanding of leadership tools. This programme offers a unique learning experience to work with senior business trainers and observe business issues of strategic importance to their organisations.