Microsoft Excel Training

  • The Basics:
    • Integration of an Excel table in a Word document: principle of copy/paste.
    • Discover the use of a spreadsheet with Excel –
    • Construction of a basic table.
    • Creation of simple calculation formulas.
    • Formatting the table and recording his work.
    • Examining the Excel interface
    • Working with cell ranges—navigating and selecting cells with the mouse and keyboard
    • Entering and editing data, and employing AutoFill to enter data
    • Inserting and deleting rows and columns, and adjusting column width and row height
    • Manipulating data with cut, copy, paste, and the clipboard
    • Dragging and dropping data with the mouse without using the clipboard
    • Leveraging multiple worksheets

    Formulas and Functions

    • Writing simple formulas
    • Exploring audit tools to examine and evaluate formulas
    • Referencing cells in formulas using relative and absolute references
    • Configuring cells for the number format and alignment
    • Constructing common functions with the aid of the function wizard and the formula tab
    • Implementing names in formulas and functions

     Worksheet Formatting and Presentation

    • Setting up initial cell formatting
    • Drawing attention to data with formatting
    • Working with templates
    • Protecting cell ranges and worksheets
    • Analyzing data with conditional formatting

     Getting Data In and Out

    • Importing data into Excel from various sources: text, web, Microsoft Access, SQL
    • Fixing data with global replace and data tools
    • TEXT and DATE functions
    • Sorting, filtering, and summarizing data with auto filter and tables

     Creating Visual Presentation of Data

    • Leveraging charts to create a visual presentation
    • Creating charts using wizards
    • Adjusting chart settings, including titles, labels, and chart types
    • Setting up your workbook for printing

     Introducing Advanced Features

    • Implementing dates
    • Summarizing data from other worksheets with 3-D formulas
    • Designing IF functions and conditional formatting
    • Analyzing summary data with Pivot tables and slicers