Managing Stress

Course Objectives

We offer a comprehensive stress management training course, offering practical solutions to reduce and manage workplace stress.

By the end of this one day training course, the participants will have:

  • Identified the costs and benefits of dealing with stress
  • Defined what stress is and started to recognise the signs of stress
  • Tried out some personal stress management strategies and techniques
  • Recognised the legal obligation of the employer to reduce work-related stress
  • Reviewed the main work areas that can lead to stress and identified ways to address work-related stress throughout the organisation
  • Considered the critical role and skills of an effective manager of stress and drawn up their own action plan to address the most prominent issues in managing stress in the workplace

Training Outcomes:

  • Consider the management of workplace stress at an individual and organisational level
  • Help participants develop and implement effective strategies to prevent and manage stress at work.
  • Relate the content to the participants’ own work environment
  • Consider a range of practical stress management techniques that can help team members whilst executing management health and safety responsibilities.

Course Overview

Costs and benefits of reducing work-related stress

  • Impact and costs of stress on the organisation
  • Benefits of tackling workplace stress 

What is stress/stressors and controls

  • An introduction to stress awareness
  • The fight or flight response
  • Is all stress bad for you?                                                                  

Recognising the signs and symptoms of stress

  • The four sources of stress – emotional, mental, physiological and behavioural
  • The long term effects of stress
  • Identifying your personal stress map 

Stress management toolkit

  • Review of current stress management techniques being used by the group
  • Coping strategies and tips for managing stress

The legal case for dealing with work-related stress

  • The legal obligation of the employer to reduce work-related stress
  • 5 Steps to Risk Assessment 

The HSE Management Standards Approach

  • The Risk Assessment approach to reducing stress in the workplace
  • Ways to encourage employers and employees to work in partnership to address work-related stress throughout the organisation
  • Six areas of work that can lead to stress – a review of the standards and what can be done in the participants workplace to manage stress 

Skills of an effective Stress Manager

  • Critical role of the line manager
  • Stress management skills and competencies

Target Audience: All levels

Course Duration: 2 days