Higher Education

SEA TRAINING offers you an extensive choice of universities in the UK, USA, and Canada via presenting several foundation, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programmes in over one hundred disciplines. We assist students through finding their education path by placing them in renowned universities and colleges across the world. Wealso offer useful tips and guidance that help studentssecure university admission with confidence and ease.Students using our admission services will also receive a comprehensive package of advice and assistance tailored to their particular needs and requirements.

SEA TRAINING has been granting students the opportunity to study at world class universities for over a decade. We realize that finding the university fitting you best can be a challenging and frustrating task. A lot of factors interfere in such a decision. Often, students do not make the best choice when they select their future universities. This is where we intervene by offering guidance and advice; we help students make their best choice based on their abilities and potentials through matching their academic achievements with universities’ entry requirements.

We make the enrolment and acceptance procedures easy and stress-free for our students. We take care of the entire procedure, train students to maximize their acceptance chances, and guide them throughout the process.

SEA TRAINING academic counselors will advise our students on which major would be right for them and suggest suitable universities. We will provide information regarding course descriptions, institutions ranking, tuition and living costs, location and living environment as well as the accommodation alternatives.

The Admission Process