Educational Training

Sea Training consultants have specialized in training educators for over two  decades in several parts of the world. Their rich experience accumulated in the training of school leaders, principals, administrators, and teachers has strengthened their capacity to create adequate professional development programmes that focus on the most important areas pertaining to education. Our trainers’ know-how has also enabled the development of distinctive training skills required for the training of professionals. We work with trainers from all over the world to guarantee the building of programmes that are in accordance with global awareness.

Sea Training educational programmes have been designed to train school leaders, principals, administrators, and educators into becoming multidimensional contributors attuned to their surroundings and familiar with a wide variety of opinions and attitudes. Our programmes adopt a tailored educational vision and provide knowledge and working skills in planning, interrelations, organizational structures, decision making, creativity, and more.

Through our training programmes, we aim to:

  • Form an educational philosophy that takes into account aspects such as cultural differences, self-awareness, and socio-academic sensitivity as a foundation for educational leadership.
  • Prepare educators to lead schools and manage classrooms in a dynamic and progressing environment, emphasizing the much needed connection
    between theoretical and practical approaches of leadership and administrative tasks.
  • Prepare educators to become active partners in remodelling the education structure and contributing to the growth of their pluralistic society.
  • Develop educators’ capacity to shape and adopt pedagogical-strategic attitudes.
  • Develop educators’ ability to plan, create, and implement teamwork that focuses on the best practices of teaching and learning.

1. Content:

At Sea Training, we believe that education is not a limited field of study that can be tied to a specific training pattern. We work hand in hand with several renowned institutions in order to provide top-notch training programmes that are updated and tackle real-time educational challenges.

The training programmes we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Leadership Skills in Educational Institutions
  • Empowerment of Educators
  • Teambuilding
  • Schools as a Social System: Building Bridges
  • Pedagogical leadership
  • School Improvement
  • Cultural Proficiency
  • Educational Equity
  • Teachers Performance Appraisal Forms
  • Global Awareness
  • Raising Competitiveness
  •  Building Capacity
  •  Project-based Learning
  • Classroom Management
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • ICT Integration
  • Qualitative Assessment
  • Common Core Competencies
  •  STEM Training
  • Connective Learning
  • School Strategic Planning
  • Building Professional Development Structures

2. Delivery Methods:

Our training programmes foster learning via a variety of methods that encourage active and reflective learning. We commit to using innovative and varied teaching methodologies. Our team of educators have an extensive experience in helping schools and educational systems to improve and excel. We focus on practicality when we plan our training programmes. Theory can be alluring; however, if it cannot be implemented, measured, and transferred, it will lose its value.
Lieu of Delivery: We deliver our trainings programmes on school sites, in our specialized training centres in France, UK, USA, and Tunisia, and in any other setting our clients prefer.

3. Resources:

Education is an ocean of knowledge. We do not commit to a specific educational approach or experience because we believe in globalization. Our consultants come from various settings and have trained educators in four continents. Best practices recognize neither borders nor  barriers. At Sea Training, we build our resources to match the needs of theschools we work with.

4. Teaching and Guidance:

Our consultants are educators in essence and are not detached from the education challenges. We build structures that cater for coordination, evaluation, and feedback. There is a need for educational leaders to grow and foster their interest and skills in the area of quality teaching and learning. A growing number of schools are busy with administration and positional activities rather than the quality of teaching and learning.
Sea Training programmes offer the adequate support to equip educational leaders in their responsibility to supervise and support quality teaching and learning.

5. Collaboration:

Without a fruitful collaboration between the different components of the school, success cannot be achieved. Sea Training consultants help create organizational structures that overlap and maintain each other’s solidity. The aim is maximize the exchange of know-how. We realize that collaboration is a key factor to the success of any training we put in place.

6. Ongoing Evaluation & Follow up:

Training programmes that are not  followed up will not create interest. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients. We offer ongoing support and review in order to monitor the progress of every institution we work with. Sea Training consultants conduct ongoing evaluations in accordance with current educational trends. We strive to create a changing and evolving learning environments that satisfy the growing needs of educators.