Adaptive Leadership

Leadership is a great asset; however, it remains ineffective if it is not adapted to meet staff needs. Our Adaptive Leadership training sessions grant trainees the opportunity to acquire the notions of adaptive leadership and thus discern the skills necessary to make these principles a fundamental part of your leadership capacities.

Adaptive leadership instils that leaders are required to understand the employee development cycle and the position of their staff on that cycle. Once this is done, leaders should adapt their leadership style to fit each employee’s development.

This Adaptive Leadership course will help trainees distinguish leadership style preferences through:

  • Distinguishing different leading styles and team member needs
  • Outlining the adaptive leadership model as an efficient tool
  • Identifying behavioural patterns of team members so you are able to lead them effectively
  • Recognizing repercussions if your staff is led using an inadequate leadership style
  • Defining the developmental stages of teams
  • Using adaptive leadership principles and best practices

Leader’s framework and leadership styles

  • The leader’s framework
  • Leadership theories
  • Leadership models
  • Defining leadership styles
  • Discovering the details of your own style
  • Identifying the importance of blending your leadership style

The adaptive leader

  • The role of the adaptive leader
  • The adaptive leadership model
  • The team member development cycle
  • Diagnosing situations
  • The adaptive leadership response
  • The three responses: introduction, development, and delegation
  • The regression path: Disengagement and a decline in performance
  • Empowering staff development through adaptive leadership
  • Detecting when members are ready for new challenges

Teambuilding and collaboration

  • Mastering essential leadership behavioural skills
  • Understanding your team’s purpose and position within your organization
  • The 4 stages of team development
  • Dealing with obstacles and opportunities
  • Balancing influence and authority to staff
  • The art of constructive feedback